Friday, February 4, 2011

You are not alone...(bonus post on Friday)

So this morning I was off to a friends house to talk coupons, sales and such and another friend was coming to join us. What a great morning this was going to be. I know sounds funny talking coupons and sales could be so great, but you have to understand that being around these friends is awesome and wonderful nomatter what we are doing.

Anyway, on my way there, I saw a woman that was stuck on the side of the road. How awful I thought. I was already realizing that I would just be on time to meet them and I hate being late. But, my heart said Stop and help and so I did. I stopped. I've grown to listen to this heart of mine, even when it takes me off my plans.

Well, I found out she was an 81 year old woman and she was so kind. As I tried to push this car out, I realized there was no way I was doing this alone. Instead of giving up, we kept trying and I started praying (Should have done that first I know). I watched as others drove by wondering how they could drive by as we were chipping ice and trying to get it out. The lady was thanking me for stopping and trying to help. She had given up that I would get her car out. I told her, well I don't give up that easily. So, we chipped away at some of the ice and then tried again. I was praying and saying I couldn't do it alone. Just then another woman stopped to try and help us. What is it about us women?

While we were both trying to get her out, she began praying just as I was minutes before. I'd like to say that we were able to free that car, but we were not. However, I don't think that it was about freeing her car. There was a deeper meaning to this experience. It was the human spirit and the caring outside yourself. Showing love toward others. I cried out to God for help and he sent another woman who would stand beside me and push and pray. It was showing us that even when you are going through the trials in life (how big or how small) that he sends people to walk beside you. You may not be brought out of that trial right away, but you will have someone to carry the burden with you. Yes, there was a greater purpose this morning and even if it was only to have 3 women realize that there still are those people out there that care outside of themselves. It was worth it.

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