Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Budgeting ideas and links

Let's make this short and sweet today!

So a while back, I listened to a Mom state that you could budget $20 per week per person in your family for food. Granted she also said this depends on your personal eating styles, etc. So, there is wiggle room is what she was saying and she also said this would be low for some and high for others. Consider this...
Given this for a family of 3, for the month you should spend about $240.
Now, can a family of 3 do this while eating whole foods? Lots of fruits and veggies? Lean meats? Even some organic foods? Having a dinner out once a week or once ever two weeks? After all, a Mama needs a night off. This doesn't happen without careful planning that's for sure. So, what's your thoughts? Does your family eat for $20 a week per person?

For other budgeting tips that you might find useful--check the links below:
Dave Ramsey on Life and Money and Budgeting
Dave Ramsey Budget Forms


  1. No way!!! I just saw something also posted that said in order to save lots of money (and perhaps stay within that extremely small budget), they recommended only eating meat once or twice a week. Not going to happen in this household! :)

  2. Also a note that in addition to using those good K-Mart coupons (1.88/Nabisco crackers, .99/softsoap), I was able to stack a coupon for $1/2 (had one for both Nabisco and softsoap) that are then doubled to $2 this week. Got the softsoap for free and the wheat thins and Ritz crackers for 88 cents each. NICE!!! :) (Also got the free mouthwash--thanks for the info about the double coupons!!!)

  3. I hear you. Although I personally could cut out some meats, my little man and husband could NOT! By the way people, I am NOT at $20 per week per person. Incase anyone was wondering. If I could do that with the above stated items, I will let you know how it gets done. But, that's only with NOT changing our healty ways of eating!
    Great deals Shannon...yes, you can stack those coupons!! YOU GO!!!! I am SOOOO proud of you!