Monday, February 28, 2011

Menu Inspiration? :)

Hummm...HT I don't know if my menu's will be inspiration for anyone, but I am more than willing to share! :) Since I said I only needed one comment, I will share this week's menu with you all. Please share some of your favorite things to eat and what you are eating. Leave it in the comments section so we can all get ideas!
This week's Dinners:
Monday:  Chicken Quesadillas (homemade), raw carrots, celery & light ranch dressing as the dip, leftover homemade applesauce (this was yummy)
Tuesday: (Leftovers for me as I don't eat red meat or pork for that matter), But, I will make Beef Tips, rice, & steamed broccoli
Wednesday: Turkey Tacos (we make this with: corn, ground turkey meat, seasoning and sometimes beans), served with Tortilla chips. I try to make these whole grain & or at least low fat--not that it makes it much healthier ;). Served with a mixed salad on the side or the meat on top of the salad. Salsa is the dressing and there is no sour cream or other added stuff. The other side is strawberries.
Thursday: I will eat leftover turkey meat mix (I'll add extra hot spices to it for me though!). Then, I will cook steaks, baked potatoes, & have a side salad.
Friday: Homemade Pizza, Mix up of fresh raw veggies with light ranch dressing as a dip, fresh fruit
Saturday: Out to dinner
Sunday: Homemade Chicken Parm. (if the new recipe turns out good I will let you know and post it), pasta, pasta sauce, and a mixed salad. Possible dessert: Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies (they are already made and frozen) or fruit smoothies.

Little man will be eating red meat twice this week! I bet he says something about that--it's not normal in our house.

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