Friday, February 25, 2011

Photo Tip (Aperture)

The guest blogger is going to have some major sharing to do once we get the computer glitches out of the way. Technology--sigh!
But, to hold you over I thought we would have a discussion on:

Aperture or “F-Stop.”
We adjust the aperture to control the amount of light reaching the sensor. We also adjust it to how much depth of field we want. Do you want the background to be blurry or sharp?
*If you want that blurry look to your background and keeping your subject sharp in front, then you want a larger aperture (smaller number, F1.4 or 2.8).
*Want more of the background to be sharp and not blurry then use a smaller aperture (higher number, F5.6 or higher).
Take the time to experiment with these. Remember there is a learning curve. Making mistakes can lead to greater understanding, so don’t give up. Also, remember to be patient with yourself. Once you have your shooting style all the settings will become second nature to you and you'll know just what to do without even thinking! :)

I am hoping to get videos on here for you dealing with these things. Would that be helpful?? Chime in and let me know.
The winner of the design? Well, that's coming up....

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