Friday, February 4, 2011

Guest Blogger Friday: Topic: Valentines...

Just so you all know this idea was originally from: the crafting chicks. This year he is doing something different for the valentines and today's post.

To complete this he had to:
1. Take a picture of my phone.
2. Photoshop that picture and learn some new things in the process.
So, this week, I taught him more in photoshop than photography. I walked him through the steps by showing him. Deleted what I did and had him recreate it. He's proud of his valentines. He should be he worked hard on them and he was excited to learn new things in the process.

Incase you missed the details in this picture:
The calendar was changes to February 14th, time 2:14PM, the photo was changed, and it had his name for the network. But, since this was going to be online and I only refer to him as Little Man, I deleted that. There are cut out around the phone part.

The treat part of them is melted crayons. He made girl colored ones for the girls and then tried to make sure he did favorite football team colors for the boys. I love how thoughtful he is. :)

One last thing he wants me to post: GO STEELERS!!! :) And he asks that you all cheer for them.

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