Thursday, February 10, 2011


Nope, I am not talking about skin people. Although, I feel summer is coming too quick and my skin seems to be getting more and more pale. This is about that camera and your exposure. People often want to know how to have great pictures. Well, it all starts with a proper exposure.

So, now you ask how can I get that? Sometimes my pictures come out so dark and sometimes they are too light. Well, that's because you are leaving the settings up to your camera. Your camera isn't human, it can't see things like we do. So, it's bound to make a mistake. Oh sure, we make them too. But, when you make them on your own, you can learn about that mistake and try not to make it again.

So, what do you do? Move that dial over to manual. I know it's a scary place to be. You have to control things. But, of course if you like to be in control, this is the place for you! :) Once you have learned how to shoot in manual, you will better understand your camera and get better results.
A few simple starter steps:
1. Get that camera out and move that dial over to M. Great, that's the 1st step.
2. Get someone or something to use as a subject and find a shady part of your yard, house, park, alley, whatever pleases your soul. If it's overcast, anywhere will do just fine. (More about that another time).
3. I don't care if you have a Nikon, Olympus or Canon, put your lens opening to 5.6 (f/5.6).  Now, adjust your shutter speed until you see that you have correct exposure. Then, focus on your subject and ta-da you just made your first manual exposure!

Photography is still about good light. A good exposure is making sure the right amount of light is hitting the sensor.
There are four ways to change the exposure:
1. Change the fstop on the lens.
2. Change the shutter speed.
3. Change the iso (film speed)
4. Change the lighting.

More on all of that another day!

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