Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine's Day lunch notes!!!

Valentines Day Lunch notes!
Because something this cute needs to be shared. Just so you all know, I do lunch notes still. I will do them until Little Man tells me that he doesn't want them anymore. Oh how I pray that doesn't happen. After all, it's my only way of communicating with him during the day!

As for the notes, sometimes I find cute jokes or such on the computer. Other times, I make my own. More often than not, I make my own. Sometimes it's just words, sometimes it's a picture too. But, I came across these at Crafts and Sutch and had to share!
Crafts and sutch idea

 How cute are they?!?!? Want your own? She is so kindly allowing you to print from her blog. Just go here and print off your own sweet set. There is even a set for that someone special in your life! :)  I simply can't resist sharing awesome things with you all and when I find other blogs that are truly inspiring and have something like this to share, I want to let you know about them too! :)

Word to the wise, when you hit the print, hit print preview and change the orientation to horizontal and you'll be delighted! :) Don't have kids in school yet? Then, you need to save a copy for sometime in the future. These are too cute not to use.   


  1. Well, aren't you such a sweetie! Thank you so very much for the link love!! I truly appreciate it! :)