Wednesday, February 9, 2011

THE PANTRY (organization)

1. Clean out your pantry by going through all the items and throwing out items that are too old.
2. Organize items like they do in the grocery stores.
3. Stack your cans and items for easier storage.
4. Store all your baking items separately. It might be good to store them in containers so that you can take them out and put them back without having them take up precious room on your kitchen cabinets.
5. Need more space? Get some adjustable shelves. I didn't have a pantry and when I stocked up on items didn't have space besides our basement to keep them. Well, that just wasn't working. So, we got coat hangers for our coats that were in our downstairs closet and put them up in the laundry room. (WORKS great!) and then changed our downstairs closet to a pantry. Bought some adjustable shelves and yipee! I got the pantry I always wanted.  OK, so really a walk in one would be delightful. But, this will certainly serve it's purpose.
6. Don't be afraid to take items out of their boxes to store them.
7. Clean your pantry on a regular basis.
8. Rotate your stock oldest always in front.
9. Keep an inventory list.
10. Realize that your pantry is always a work in progress. Don't get discouraged and do what works for you!
Also, I found the following resource for you to help with pantry organization:
frugal families  (They have budget sheets, pantry sheet, expense tracking, etc. Good resource page.)


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