Thursday, September 29, 2011

It feels good.

I've been missing in action from the blog and you know something, it feels good. It feels good not to be blogging every weekday. It feels good to not have the time and not stress over the fact that I don't.
You see I started this blog to be helpful to others, to offer a small spot on the web where people were welcome to come along and learn with me. But, I started to wonder if blogging was taking me away from doing more to be helpful to others. So, I've let blogging slip and picked up the more face to face kind of helping.

For those of you still wondering, I am still training for the marathon. It's coming up in less than 50 days. Whew. My training is going up right now (meaning longer training sessions). But, it's going to slow down the closer I get to the big day.  I've come back from many training sessions drenched in my own sweat.  Disgusting, I know. But, it feels great! Going out hitting the pavement and having that time to just think or not think. I usually do a lot of thinking and praying while I am out there. Yes, I am doing almost all my training alone. Little Man is in school and he was my coach (on his bike) over the summer. He pushed me. But, he still does when I think about things he would be saying to me.

I don't want to make any promises or any quick hits of the buttons to delete this blog. So, I am going to let it sit and when I feel inspired--I'll post. But, I am not planning my posts or anything anymore. You'll hear from me when something is weighing heavy on my heart that I have to share.

Until then, enjoy this crazy, wonderful life we have all been given.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Can you Go Organic without going broke?

Ok, so I got your attention. But, I have been giving a lot of thought lately to moving toward more and more organic foods. I do have some organic foods in our house. Are they all? Nope. Not even close.

Why my deep thinking about this? Perhaps it's all the reading I am doing with training and nutrition. Perhaps, it's my worry over what I am putting into our bodies and what affect that will have on us as we get older. Am I paranoid? Well, not exactly. But am I thinking more? You bet.

So, little by little changes are happening. They have been happening for a while, but I took a break from making any major changes. I will still finish things that are in our pantry. However, I am looking closer at the things I am purchasing from here on out. Of course, some of the stuff will be new to us.  But, really I was posting this hoping that someone out there that has already made the jump to 90% or more Organic can lead me to the deals.

I also want to share with all of you and a few tips that I have come across.

When Switching to Organic...

1. Buy local-Farmers Markets
2. CSA box
3. Grow your own. My pour family wouldn't eat. I DO NOT have a green thumb. :)
4. Buy in bulk
5. Ease into Organic (That's what we are doing!)
6. Find a Co-op
7. Shop sales
8. Freeze items
9. Shop online
10. Rethink your food budget

Now, please share your links and stories with all of us.

Friday, September 16, 2011

You Tube Video you should see...

So, I have not been posting like I should be. Although, I am not certain how much I should be posting. So, that I will leave to posting when I feel there is something to worthy to share. I stumbled across this viral You Tube video. Totally made me smile.
Check it out.
You Tube Video of Elderly Couple They are so sweet and make me laugh, too! I watched it a few times. Although, he gets a little "fresh", so watch who you watch this in front of. :) But, get ready to laugh, smile and have it brighten your day. :) They are simply adorable. I'd love to meet them and sit and have coffee with them.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Wedding on a budget

So, Money Saving Monday today is a wedding on a budget or even a reunion for that matter. Thought it might be helpful to some blog readers. :)

Here are some links to help in your planning:
frugal living - Wedding Ideas
The Frugal Life- Tips on weddings
Being Frugal- Weddings

How does a Farm Wedding Look?
Something like this
Or maybe like
something along these lines
Or maybe even like this

More Farm/Outdoor Country themed ideas:
outdoor country wedding ideas
rural wedding
country weddings and reception decor

The possibilities are endless and I think you can do a lot on a small budget if you already have a farm and some friends that are willing to help out. The feel of it, just depends on the time of year you get married. Spring and summer, I think more flowers and light airy feel to it. Fall more pumpkins, hay bails, fall leaves etc.

These links should help you on your way to planning a great Farm wedding or inspire a Farm Family Reunion.

Just remeber the day is more about the promise and your life together than the decorations and favors.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Fall Project and updates

OK, I have many projects on my plate, but one of the home projects is to really try and simplify our lives, house and belongings. Those of you that know me know I like to be organized. But, to me --Project Simplify-- is more than organization. It's about looking at your life and filling it with things that matter. Which means, me evaluating how much time I put into this blog and if it will be worth continuing. I have many other things on my list this fall that I know will allow me to be a difference maker so shouldn't I put more of my efforts into those instead?

Quick update on my last long training:
I started out 3 hours after I wanted to.
I was tired--really tired.
I was rained on for 3 of the first 5 miles--at least it helped to wake me up.
I was given an opportunity to have a ride home while it was raining--I passed. I know you are proud of me. :)
At about mile 4.5 I slipped and twisted my ankle. (Yes, it got sore. But, I kept going for ya know like 10 more miles. I have been paying for it and taking it easy on it since then though.)
My time wasn't what I wanted, but when your first 5 miles start out like that, it was respectable.
I could have used something for fuel at mile 10, as I had eaten 3 hours before I started on my journey.
I was also rained on later, but heck by that time I was already wet and sweaty so who cared. :)
Oh and yes, for those of you asking, I am doing a full marathon. Yep, 26.2 miles and yes all full marathons are 26.2 miles.