Friday, February 25, 2011

Kids and Money...

We are doing our best to make Little Man wise on his choices with money. Sometimes, this can lead us to be a bit embarrassed. (Read  here --you'll have to scroll down--to find out one moment in time where putting him on a budget made me slightly red in the face.)

But, we know that by teaching him about money at an early age we are helping him later in life. We involve him in making decisions about money. He gets into the coupons and finding the best deals with me. We have him save in 3 categories: Savings, Spending and Giving.

Here are a few links for you all. Either to confirm that you are doing things OK. (I do like those confirmations every now and then.) Thanks for the article, Angie. It was great confirmation for me!!! Or to help you get started.
Dave Ramsey on kids and money video (About 5 min)
Teaching Your Kids About Money Article
You can also google Dave Ramsey and kids and money and find more. :)

For the adults that want help in setting a budget. Check out: Dave Ramsey Budget Forms we have our own and I suggest that you make the budget your own. But, these forms can certainly serve as a starting point!

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