Monday, February 14, 2011

Money Saving Monday (2/14)

Happy Valentine's Day! :) Now, what you really came here for...

CVS Deals: here at Money Saving Mom
Check it out, you can score some free toothpaste (after ECB) and other items that you only have to pay pennies for. Oh the drugstore game. Shall I do a post on what tips I am finding in playing this game??

Giant: First, don't let the guy in produce tell you that the $1 bag of 3lb potatoes were last weeks sale. Or that you are just totally confused and don't have your ads straight. Just smile, nod, and go grab the ad to show him. Then you'll realize you won't find him. So, you go to customer service and get yourself a rebate. Not like that happened to me or anything ;) To point out, once I had the ad another man in produce was VERY helpful in trying to find them for me. Wish I caught his name. Yes, these potatoes are a great deal. Better than the BOGO deal. But, depends what type of potatoes you want.
More of giant deals can be found at for the mommas

Darrenkamps: Has some great deals this week. Their ground turkey is on sale for $1.79lb. Did I mention their service comes with a smile and a very helpful hello. :) Again, I LOVE that store.

Weis: They have some good deals also. Check it out again at for the mommas. She also posted about the weis catalina deal. Remember sometimes stores do this in addition to manufactures. Have to look out for both and see if they can fit in with your monthly plan.

I shortened the post this week, because I wanted to share a quick story. We try to make Little Man responsible with money. We help him in understanding the importance of saving for things that you want. He has 3 banks (charity, savings and spending). We explained when we started them about the importance of each. But, if you watch him most of the money he gets goes to savings, then charity and then spending respectfully.

When we have opportunities to get him involved in making decisions with money, we allow that to happen. We feel that teaching him while he is young to understand money will help him in the long run.

So, he had a party to go to and we set a budget amount that he could spend on his friend. If he had money left over from the budget, he could give that as cash or get another gift. So, he did have money left over and gave it as cash. He carefully considered all the options that he could buy him and then weighed the cost of the items. (My child loves to give to others, so setting a budget is key.) But, as we were at the party, Little Man exclaims when the kid opens the card. That's all we had left. My face turned bright red. Oh my! We did have a chat on the way home about not saying those things and that some of that we have to keep to ourselves. Of course, he said I didn't know I shouldn't say that. I said I know and that he was just being honest. One of the things I love about him--his honesty.

So, how to you involve your kids? What are some ways you are teaching them about money? Share your thoughts and ideas so we can all benefit.

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