Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thanks and Where is this blog going...

Thank you all for reading this little blog! I am amazed at how many people are actually reading.  I am thankful that my words are proving helpful for you. Humbled that you are sharing this with your friends and well, just amazed that you tune in to read. My stats tell me it's not just USA people reading, but there are others. WOW and WELCOME to all. (Feel free to leave a comment-I do love hearing from you all.)

Now, where is this little blog going?
I know these plans can be altered and moved around and most importantly changed when I am being lead to post something else. But, what I hope is that when you come here daily or weekly you will see; money saving ideas, meal ideas, organization ideas, photo tips, inspiration and some good old helpful Mommy stuff. With this plan in mind, I am going to be planning the blog posts for the weeks. Putting a theme to the random posts and rambles. Any suggestions?  Ideas you want covered?

Ideas that are coming up:
Money Saving Mondays--continue to follow my mission and find deals and share the tips with all of you.
Spring Clean with Me--the task of having an organized home by summer. Even if you are an organization nut, we can always spring clean and declutter even more, right?
Recipe Round Up-Sharing new recipes and meal ideas
Inspire Me- words of inspiration, songs, links, etc.
Mom Time- The Mission of Motherhood- read along with us via online discussions, other Mommy topics (suggestions, please?)
Capture It- Photo Tutorials, Guest blogger posts, posts from local photographers, and ideas

What do you all think? Anything else you want me to cover? I figure I can cover one topic per day per week. This means 6 blog posts a week. However, you are also able to submit ideas and I will be looking for people to guest blog besides Little Man.

Let me know your thoughts!!


  1. Love it! Looking forward to your posts...sorry if I don't always comment. Sometimes I only get a few seconds to just scan posts!

    Looking forward to the "book club"!

  2. HT- You are so sweet! I know your reading and your comments are always so kind! Miss you guys!

  3. Hi!! I miss you! I don't get the chance to check in often, but when I do, I scan all the posts I missed! Love this!