Sunday, March 6, 2011

Store Deals this week (3/7)

Giant Deals found here Thanks to for the Mommas!

Before you buy cereal, check out what For the Mommas has found here. Oh my! Does it count if I let a friend go to Weis for me? This is a great deal coming up.
Weis deals are found here Thanks to For the Mommas!

* Sorry you all, looking at those deals is killing me. So, the less I look at them this month the better. :)*

CVS deals here Thanks to Money Saving Mom.

Darrenkamps Deals are here thanks to Frugal Lancaster! I noticed that their link didn't list all the Darrenkamps stores. But, this site was a new find for me.
Here are a few other deals to look for at our local Darrenkamps this week:
All Natural boneless skinless chicken breast $1.69 (Read the previous post-this could be the new stock up price)
$1.29lb grapes
They also have a seafood sale. Check it out here. By looking at the circular for the store closest to you. You can also see all the other great deals.
Don't forget the reduced items help to save you money too!

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