Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Over in China....

I thought I would share this bit from my friend Jess (on location in China). Don't worry, I had asked her a while back about sharing some of the adventures they are having in China on the blog. I read this and said...WOW I so need to share this with you all...

Price Comparisons - We thought we would give you a bit about how we shop and a couple of price comparisons.  We have basically three local grocery stores that carry a reasonable selection of imported goods; City Shop & Pines (both within walking distance) and Carrefour (about 15 min drive).  We also use several online grocery services to buy mostly imported or organic meat, fruits and vegetables.  The delivery is free of charge, no tip expected, and they take COD.  It is pretty convenient!   Finally, we have found a butcher that has good chicken!!!  Score!  Mommy roasted her first chicken last week (must admit there is a part of me that considered becoming a vegetarian between preparing the bird and seeing the headless chicken on the pan....roasting.  Poor Bird!).
Here are a few price comparisons for you (approx 1 RMB = $ .15 USD.  So you feel like you are walking around with a lot cash in your pocket):

  • 1 box of Cheerios (68 RMB = $10 USD)
  • 1 Prego Pasta Sauce with Fresh Mushrooms (39 RMB = $6 USD)
  • 1 jar of Earth's Best Baby Food 4oz (18 RMB = $2.73 USD)
  • 1 box of Kelloggs Pop Tarts (42 RMB = $6 USD)
  • 1 medium Bag of Sun Chips (33 RMB = $5 USD)
  • 1 small jar Peanut Butter (54 RMB = $8 USD)

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