Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Follow up for questions from comment on the $20 challenge and what your kids should be eating!

I can't believe you are doing this challenge, you are amazing! THANKS (I say with a red face)! I am just trying. I am quick to say anything amazing in me is from HIM. :)

Especially if you are still eating healthy foods. YES, we are. :) I prefer to be a little to no process girl. I just prefer to feed my family whole foods and try to do that as much as possible. But, we are not perfect. ;) We have always eaten healthy, but we have been striving to eat more whole foods lately. You all get to see my dinners--except last night we had Fish with fresh carrots and pineapples instead of the chicken. Little Man asked for the baked fish and I was happy to adjust. I need to add that we aim at getting our required dietary intakes per day.

See what your children should be eating here. It is a recommendation.

Does your budget include your "household grocery expenses" like laundry detergent, paper towels...or personal items like deodorant or medicine? No. Just food. Other things I can get for near free doing the coupons and drugstore game. We are considering doing even more cloth in our house to save even more on those expenses, plus help our environment. Paper towels and toilet paper are two things that we stick to a certain brand. Paper towels, I can cut down even more on with using more cloth. Toilet paper--hey it is what it is. :) Medicine comes under our health budget.

Or is it only food expenses? See above--Yes, it's  only food. That's hard enough the way we eat and with the rising food costs. :)

Do you include your eating out budget in that? Yes, our eating out falls under food. (Which is why the dinner this last weekend out with friends will be making it more difficult the rest of the month!) I  can honestly say this is the very HARD part and we will be looking into how that can look as we move out of March. We are not going out to eat as much as we used to. (Which can be a good thing.) But, I don't love cooking so I do look forward to those breaks.

Feel free to ask your own questions. I am happy to answer them. :)

These questions/comments were by the wonderful Andrea. She will be highlighted later this week on the blog. She is an AMAZING local photographer. You won't want to miss the interview and samples of her awesome work!

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