Monday, March 28, 2011

The $20 Challenge Lessons

So here we have it--well some of it.

1. It takes a lot of planning. You do have to put in some effort.
2. Having a Meal Plan will make a difference--a big difference.
3. Commit to change. You will be making choices and changes. Be prepared.
4. Follow a few helpful blogs. This will be huge as it will save you time and money too! Local blogs prove to be helpful as they can let you know the best local deals.
5. Find encouragement - it's not easy so it's nice to have a cheering section. I'll cheer each of you on! :)
6. Know the stock up prices or at least make a plan to learn them. (I will be getting that page together for you all on the ones around here.)
7. It does make you waste less food. That's a bonus!
8. Take a look at the foods you eat and think about the nourishment in each of them. Pass by the $3 chips to buy a few more lbs of bananas. Your body will thank you.
9. You can eat healthy on this amount of money. No excuses that you can't. You just have to change the way you shop.
10. Shopping multiple stores makes it easier! I lived through that one.
11. Don't give up if you don't make it one month. Just learn from the mistakes and try again the next.
12. Have a plan in place for money to be set aside for stock up items. This can be part of your $20 per person per week, but just take that out when you are planning the amount you have to spend. For instance, if I allow $10 for stock up sale items. I have $50 to spend on foods we will eat that week.
13. If anyone reads this and saw me at Giant this last week. I allowed myself to go there to get food for the family coming. They had some great deals that I couldn't miss out on. We got some things that we don't normally get-- like Chips. English Muffins were on sale too. It was a great deal. But, my light ones were not included in the sale this time. I was pretty sad about that!
14. Look and rework the budget for your family. You will learn as you go.
15. Think of CVS, Target, etc as food stores too. Sometimes they have great deals.
16. Don't forget the discount stores. Just watch the dates.
17. A deal isn't a deal if you won't use it by the time it expires or goes bad.
18. Coupons are not the only way to save money. You often save a lot by stocking up on items at the rock bottom prices.
19. Think about investing in an extra freezer. It will pay for itself in the savings.
20. Make more homemade things. You'll not only save Money but feel a sense of accomplishment!
I have more ideas and tips. But, I will have to save that for another post. This one is getting too long.

I am going on the $20 per person per week again. It's a goal I have now. Only I can shop where ever my heart desires! :) We are still discussing a entertaining budget though. So, I will be back posting the deals and letting you know my progress. It's a new week this week--we will see how I do. Wish me luck!

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