Monday, March 14, 2011


I know you all come here for the deals, tips, and tricks. But, you also get to view small pieces of my life.

This past weekend, a friend of ours was killed in a car accident. It really shook my family. I wanted to share a bit about her and our friendship.

We met the year I went back to teaching after having Little Man. I had taken a year off and then needed to go back. (I only went back for one year.) That one year was HARD. Emotionally it was hard on me as I hated being away from Little Man. He was sick A LOT. So, was I -- I think I was just so run down that I was catching everything. Then, that school year my Grandfather passed away. That was EXTREMELY hard. He was like another parent to me and I was VERY close to him. My heart was constantly aching. But, GOD is so good. He gave me an AMAZING class that year with AMAZING families that I grew to love. Some of those families treated me as though I was a part of their family. I was blessed. God knew I needed them and he supplied the support I needed.

Some of those families I kept in touch with after I left and still do even now. This was the year I met Norma and her family. They were one of the families that truly embraced me as their own. After I left teaching, I went to their house on weekly visits to do some tutoring sessions. She was always looking to feed me and care for me. I truly felt embraced by their family. I got to meet extended family members and the next thing you know my husband is working with her. Their family supported me in my photography adventure and I was able to not only photograph them, but their extended family as well. My family was constantly blessed by their family. Norma was always so kind, generous, thoughtful and caring toward my family and to everyone. She put others first. She allowed me to tell her about Little Man and his latest. Not only did she allow me to, she asked all the time about him. She touched our lives. That whole family touched our lives.

So, this news came as a shock and we are saddened. My thoughts are filled with such nice memories. I will hold those memories and the thoughts about the type of person she was in my heart. But, as Little Man pointed out, it's not good-bye forever. Because we will all see her again in Heaven. I am blessed to have that reminder and those words of comfort from the mouth of my child.