Friday, March 18, 2011

If you read this via email...

it has come to my attention that you are not getting to read all the posts! You get one post a day. So, if I have more than one. (Which lately that has happened quite a bit, you are not getting them.) Makes me sad as I post about deals I run into during the day that might be helpful!

How do you fix this? Well, stop in the blog and read it every so often to see what you missed. Perhaps, a certain day of the week that you stop in and read it to see what you missed. I am making a lot more multiple posts lately. Just because I am trying to break things apart. So, if you are here to read one thing, you can zero in on just that.

I have asked for feedback on the set up of the blog and possible changes that may take place. I am anxious for suggestions and this could help when you stop in to see what you missed. But, this was a later in the day post and thus those of you following via email may not have seen it. I've done a bit of postings during the day this week.

Also, if you signed up for emails and are not getting them, sign up again. As you may not have confirmed the ok to have them sent. I think that comes via feedburner.
Have a great day everyone! Yes, there is multiple posts today!

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