Friday, March 25, 2011

Capture it- Shutter Speed (3/25)

Shutter represents the time that the shutter remains open when taking a photograph. The shorter the shutter speeds the better they are at freezing fast moving objects. It also doesn’t allow as much light in, therefore you should have lots of light to make this work. Think sports on a sunny day.
Long shutter speeds can be used to blur a moving object or also let more light in. When shooting, it’s always best to keep your shutter speed as fast as the light allows.

So what do you do in a low light situation? You adjust your ISO and lower your aperture, this will allow you to get the correct exposure and still keep your subject “tack sharp” which in the end is what you are going for. This is what I do to adjust to get those night football shots. I'll show you an example once we get the computer taken care of. We've had a bit of an issue and let's just say it's a great lesson in patience, being prepared, and being thankful. Once things are good to go again, I will be sure to get a picture up to show you how even in low light you can take sharp pictures.

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