Friday, March 4, 2011

10 tips to getting those Bathrooms organized...

1. Go through and pitch the things that are outdated.
2. Go through and toss or donate items that you no longer use. (Curling irons, blow dryers, etc.)
3. Look at the Make up and sunscreen. (Make up typically has a shelf life of 6 months) Sunscreen 2 years. Older than that? Toss it.
4. Old towels that are thin, stained, frayed? You can cut them up to be rags or toss them.
5. Look at ways you can store items and always keep saftey in mind.
6. Install hooks or rods to hang things on.
7. Store like items together--think of a stores layout.
8. Clear the counters! Keep only items that are used daily out.
9. Customize the space you have so that it works for you! We added shelves to our closet in the bathroom because we needed extra storage space.
10. Remember if you have too much of things that you are getting for free--you can always donate them!

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