Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The $20 Challenge...

This week on the $20 Challenge...
Transparency: I did get that .99 deal on cereal last week! 5 boxes for .99. I couldn't pass it up. Confession, I picked up 4 Greek yogurts when I was there as well. My total was $2.55. Yep, 5 boxes of cereal and 4 Greek Yogurts for $2.55. LOVE IT! Seems the Greek Yogurt is on a price freeze at Weis. (At least that was the way it looked and I had coupons. BONUS!) I really do like Greek Yogurt and I love that it has extra protein. Means I don't have to eat as much chicken! :) Sorry for the slip. But, I didn't even look at anything else. I was afraid I'd get sick with some of the low prices. The other great deals to be had were at Darenkamps for fresh fruit and veggies.

I feel like this is a real challenge this month compared to last. Last month I thought it was a challenge, but I was able to really look around and shop the different stores. We are blessed where we live to have 3 food stores in a matter of miles of each other. Where this month I am only shopping at the one.

But, we are not really going without, I am just getting creative in the planning and shopping. I even amazed myself last week as what our food cost-less than $30 that included the pizza! Really, I got a lot of fresh fruit and veggies. (I was so thankful for the sales and the reduced produce bin! I did use some ECB to get snack items. I told you I couldn't give up the drugstore game!) It does make you really think though about your purchases in a whole new light. If I only have $5 left according to my calculator I ask---do I buy a box of this or that or do I put that toward more fruit or veggies. Fruit and veggies win out every time. :)

I have some great friends that have given me their extra coupons. THANK YOU! The milk coupons have been great. I am so thankful to get them.

I am also thankful for all of you that are following along on this challenge. But, I am also thankful that if I slip and spend more that it's OK. My heart thinks of the people that have less than this to spend on feeding their families and mostly on the kids. No child should have to go to bed hungry!

On a lighter note, I know I am not the most entertaining writer, so that fact that you keep coming back warms my heart! Chime in, how are you all doing? Feeling any of the stresses that I described in earlier posts? Sticking to the $20 per person per week? Anyone else trying it? Success? Troubles? Share so we can all learn and grow together.

Now, I will tell you I already shopped and got this weeks items (plus some for next). I didn't get the guest items yet. But, I now have $0 to spend next week. Yes, $0. Actually, I think I am over by about 25 cents or so already. So sadly, my challenge didn't go as well this month. :( I am sad and disappointed. However, I have learned some great things this month that I can now use for next months $20 challenge. (See I don't give up). Buy the way, I think next week I can get by with about $15 or so in food shopping. So, I won't be over by a ton. Next week, I will be sharing what I learned. So stay tuned. Perhaps some of what I saw and am going to try will help you all.

Oh and just to be honest, guest food will be purchased at different stores. Reading this Via email--there are more posts to come today!

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