Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Laundry Room Spring Clean-Plus go green tips that can save you some green

This week is the Laundry Room Area and your cleaning supplies. You may want to consider some green cleaning supplies. Not only will they keep your loved ones saver, but they can save you some green as well.
First, does anyone have mixes that they love? If you do, please share your tips in the comment section so we can all benefit.
I can say that baking soda and vinegar are awesome cleaners. We personally use them. I want to make more green cleaners and have a goal to get my green clean on this year.
You can find how to make your own cleaning kit here.
There is another site that has lots of ideas for homemade products and you can find that here.
I plan on making a booklet of cleaners to keep by my bucket. When I do, is there anyone that wants to see it?

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