Thursday, March 17, 2011

Capture It- Be Inspired!

When you are starting to look at improving your photography and making it better, I think you need to look at people's work who inspires you. Find someone that you connect with their work. Look at it. What makes you drawn to their work? What do you notice? I am not saying to copy them. But, just look at what you love about their work. Sure somethings you might want to try. But, don't try and make someone else's style your style. We are all unique and that's what makes us great.

I go along a very fine line with Little Man. I want to teach him more about the camera, but I want his eyes to remain his own. I don't want to make him see what I see.  I want him to keep his own creativity. I want him to bloom in the way he should...with his own eyes. So, my advice learn how they accomplish things, but keep your own eyes.

We had some friends over to sled during the winter and Little Miss E. was one of them. I took this photo of her after I was told that she doesn't smile for the camera. Really? I have proof she does. :) I adore this little girl.
Sledding fun.
Up tomorrow is another local photographer Elaine Gates. So be sure to stop in and check out her work!

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