Friday, April 1, 2011

Capture it! Review and extra tips

Here are 3 things you need to soak in for future posts. These are links to my previous posts and a few other tips.ISO
On sunny days your ISO will be at 100. But, on overcast days or indoor you will have to be higher 200 + depending on the lighting that you are working with. I notice that with window light (depending on how much I have) I shoot with 200-400 for my ISO. Unless I have some strong window light.
I tend to like my photos to have a focus on the subject and blur out the background, so I tend to shoot with my aperture lower or as they say, shooting wide open. :)
Shutter Speed
Tips on what your shutter speed should be:
Sleeping baby- depending on the lenses length you can do 1/60 (on a 50mm) to 1/125 for this.
But the other end of running, swinging, etc. you will need 1/500 and up. Remember your camera will detect camera shake. So, keep yourself steady. You can make your body into a tripod. :) I like that better than bringing one along. ;)

Take these all in to prepare you for the future posts to come. :)
Do you have questions on these? Ask away. Because next we will be moving on to program modes and what they can be used for. Then we will move on to light, etc. etc. By the way, chime in on what you want the etc. etc. to be. :)

I came across this quote and thought I would share...ponder this when you pick up your camera next time.
"Photographs are not made by cameras, which are only tools. We make images with our hearts and minds. What must be brought to photography is an ever-open and seeking mind." - Arnold Newman

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