Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Money Saving Mistakes and Let's simplify....

You will find an article here. It touches on falling for free, overdosing at the Dollar Store, Buying in bulk, Excessive Couponing (I have warned my friends), fast food dining, etc. You might want to read this. While you are at it, check out these 16 money saving apps.

Now as far as the let's simplify, what on Earth do I mean? I mean we can all simplify our lives and homes. Take the house one room at a time. I am making my list. Though I have deep cleaned some rooms, I feel I may have held on to some things that I don't really need. Time to clean out! Tips on this will be coming! :) We are planning a garage sale to get rid of our extra clutter. Little Man (the entrepreneur he is) is planning on selling cookies and lemonade.

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