Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Clean with Me-Kids Rooms/Spare Rooms

This week, we continue along with the kids rooms/spare rooms in your house. So, how is it going? What has been the hardest part of their rooms? What successes have you found? What are you still struggling with?

I made a list of clothing items for Little Man and we went through his clothes. This way, I can always know what he has and what he needs. Plus, I won't be getting an excess of things. Mine is just done in word format and I will keep it in my planner. This way, I can check off and keep track. After all, we can only wear so much. Do any of you all do this? Thinking of it? How do you track it?

I figure if we all share, we can all get so much more out of these posts. (Which means those of you that read via email, need to chime in over on the real blog.) I hope you all will join the conversations. Don't leave a girl feeling like she's talking to herself. ;) You can always post without a name.


  1. 2 young active boys in our house...our clothes don't seem to last long at all. Buying shoes every month because they get so worn out...ughh!

  2. Yes, clothes and boys do seem to wear out. I have found certain brans although I may pay more to start with really do save me money in the long run as they do not wear out as quick.