Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mom Time- The Mission of Motherhood Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - The Disciplining Mother

1. "It's so easy to get caught up in the petty comparisons and unimportant issues and lose sight of what we are really aiming for as parents!"
Isn't that true? Don't you see it and feel it? When you do, do you take a step back to realize what you are doing? We've all been there at one time of another on one end or the other. As for us, we truly try to focus on the gifts that Little Man has been given. I feel that all kids are blessed with their own gifts and talents. We try to remind Little Man that his gifts should be used to glorify God in any way he can. When he compares himself to someone else and feels that he is falling short, we try to point out that God gave each person different gifts and talents and that's what makes ours so special. We choose not to focus on comparisons, instead to focus on his gifts and talents and ways he can use them. We choose to be joyful for others gifts and encourage him to do the same. I don't think comparisons make anyone feel good. We are all here for a purpose and a purpose that only we can fill. Why not focus on that instead?

2. "Our culture still seeks success through these three areas- the intellect; power and status; and riches."...But, "All that God requires from any of us is a desire to serve him and a trust that he can make up the difference for the things we lack." ... "He will use our willingness and our efforts, then fill in the gaps of our inadequacies, to prepare their hearts for what he has in mind."
True and enough said. :)

3." If families today would focus first on accomplishing God's purposes and developing godly hearts, then society would be filled with righteous people in the next generation. This means that our leaders would be righteous, our government would be righteous, our newspapers would be righteous, our movies and media..."
You get the point and I will let you ponder on that as I did. What a different place this could be....

4. While our children are young, we need to monitor carefully the people and ideas to which they are exposed.
She uses a young tree as an example and it's such a fitting one. That tree needs some stakes to hold it in place while it grows strong roots. Just as our little ones need us to be there to help them grow strong roots of their own. We need to be sure we are feeding those roots the right nourishment. Obviously, we can't protect them from everything and doing so could do more harm. As, sometimes we learn our greatest lessons down in the valley.

Your thoughts??


  1. ok, ok, you have finally convinced me to read this book! haha It sounds like a really good one, I have been following your posts about it! thanks for sharing!

  2. You are more than welcome! I am sure the book will reach your heart in an amazing way! My stuff is just the VERY short cliff notes. We all know the books are better than the cliff notes!