Friday, April 29, 2011

Capture It-Learning to See the Light

Learning to see the light will take attention, patience, practice and being present in a way you have not been before.

Take time to sit and look at the way light hits objects, flowers, plants, and people. If you have ever spent time just looking at your child playing in a room you can see how the light hits their face and how soft their skin appears. Perhaps you notice how it makes their hair glow and shine, how it puts a twinkle in their eyes. That is the beauty of natural light hitting them just so. It's something that the flash on your camera can't recreate. You want them to bathe in the light and have it softly wrapping them like a blanket.

Try photographing in places around your house without the flash. (Windows, doorways are best for this). Move around and have your subject do the same. Watch how the light changes. Try it at different times during the day and you will notice the changes in the lighting. Learning to see the light will improve your photos.

Go and try and let me know how you do. Maybe moving forward and doing more tutorial type things, we can get feedback and help on your photos. I hope to share more of my photos with all of you as well.

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