Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Clean with Me-Kids Rooms

Ok, so it is the week to attack those kids rooms! :)
Oh the kids rooms! That's where the fun is. Seriously, guys the fun is there.
When attacking your kids rooms.
1. Get them involved if you can.
2. Go in with Donate, Sell, Save boxes

First, go through the clothes. Weed out clothes that are too small. It's spring. A great time to do this. You can donate or give them to friends that can use them. Perhaps you can hang on to them and sell them at a garage sale. It's OK to hold on to special clothes, but don't hang on to everything! I am making my list for the seasons and what Little Man really needs. So that we don't buy excess.

Check through the toys. Toys that are broken and can't be fixed or have missing pieces need to go. That's easy. Next, think about and evaluate what toys are not played with. Consider selling or donating them.

Can't bring yourself to throw away art projects? Take a picture of them to keep. Or consider sending some to family members as gifts. What better gift for a grandparent.

Think about the space you have and find storage solutions that will work for you and your kids.

Don't waste space. Think about all the space and what the best use is. Perhaps installing extra shelving in the closet can help.

Once you get organized, you have to show them how to maintain it.

Think outside the box for storage and space.

Any tips you have to offer? Want to share a before and after picture? Chime in. I'd love to have you guest post on here.

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