Friday, April 8, 2011

Capture It-The Program Modes

Afraid of Manual? Trust me when you learn it, it will be your best friend. Until then there are other modes on your camera. Let's take a look at those...

Full Auto Mode: Your camera is in charge. Really? You want to let that be in charge? I guessed not, that's why you are reading right?

Portrait Mode: That tells your camera that you want your subject in focus and the rest can be out of focus.

Sports Mode: Faster shutter to freeze action.

Landscape Mode: Long depth of field. You want it all in focus.

Macro Mode: Very close up shots. (Short depth of field)

Shutter Priority: You choose the shutter speed.

Aperture Priority: You choose the aperture.

Manual: The KING of them all. You are in total control. (I'm a control girl, I admit it.) You set it all, aperture, shutter, ISO the whole works.

You want to get to Full Manual mode?  Keep checking in on the Capture It Series. :)

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