Monday, April 4, 2011

Money Saving Monday (April 4th) The $20 Challenge Update & Deals

The deals this week (Shortened version, due to posting late. Sorry you all!)
Giant Deals: here
There are some great dollar doublers! For instance:
Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain Bread - $3.99 BOGO, use $1.00 off 2 coupon. That doubles to $2.00 off. Which means 2 breads for $1.99. YEAH!
If you held on to your Kool-Aid coupons, you can score some good deals there as well.
Tropicana had a $1.00 off coupon and that doubled. Plus, you can use the paper one. Which means 2 things of Tropicana for $2.49.
Don't forget to scan your bonus card and see if there are other coupons you can use. I was able to score an extra .50 off my order. I know .50 doesn't seem like much, but I will take it for pushing 2 buttons! :)

CVS Deals:here are the match ups for the week of 4/3 Thanks to For the Mommas!

Weis Deals:here

Darrenkamps has bananas for .44 lb this week. I think long gone are the .39lb days. Sigh!
The sales flyer is located here

My $20 Challenge update
Oh and that $8.00 I saved last week was spent the one time I asked my dear husband to stop and pick up one thing at the store. I had run out of time to make homemade applesauce for our guest and asked if he could pick up a jar on his way home. My mistake as you know when you send a husband in for one thing, he has to pick up something else. :) He was a dear to pick that up for me and I am only 1/2 joking about picking up other things. Because, yes he did and yes, it did eat up the $8.00 I had left, plus about another 0.40.

We also stopped in one more time to take the cereal deal. We did it twice. 8 boxes of cereal for $6.00 out of pocket and 2 Free milks. Now, here is something I learned. When using coupons at Giant. Say you have 4 of the same coupon and you are buying 4 of the same things. The system is made to pick up the first coupon and double it, the rest are at face value. So, the double coupon thing is only on one if you have 4 of the same. YUCK! Meaning in a cereal deal, find 4 different coupons so that they can double them all. You learn from my mistake! So why buy all the cereal, we got a good deal and when we come across good deals we feel that you can always donate if you don't use them!

This week, I came in under $60. Yes, food shopping and menu done. So, for the last 2 weeks, I should have spent $120 to stick to my budget. I have spent $119.93. So, hanging in there. Has anyone else been doing this with me? Are you all also including your eating out in that budget?

My Menu: (Does anyone still want to see this?) Chime in or it's gone. As I don't want to post things that are not helpful or wanted.
Chicken Fajitas (YUM!)
Grilled BBQ Chicken Flat Bread Pizza (My Family can't wait for these again! We have not had them in a long time!)
BBQ Breaded Chicken Tenders (New recipe), carrots, rice
Turkey Burgers, salad
Fish, potatoes, salad
Chicken Sandwiches done on the grill, salad
Sweet and Hot Pepper Chicken (Kind of a Chinese or Thai thing. It's new, we will see how it goes!) If it goes well, I will share the recipe here. Because like I said, if I can make it, you certainly can! :)

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  1. I like seeing your menus for the week...I like having new recipes to try, so I check out your menu, pick one, and then google it to try and find a yummy new recipe for the week! =)