Monday, April 11, 2011

The Planet Box- My review

You can find it here
We finally bought Little Man one and have had it for a few weeks.  Well over a month now, probably going on 2 months really! So, I feel I can now say what we think of it and share my thoughts with all of you.

I LOVE this lunch box system. If you have a kid heading to K next year, this would be worth your investment! Yes, it is an investment. But, It's so easy to pack a healthy lunch in here and it makes everything say in place. (That really matters to Little Man.) It washes up in the dishwasher just great. I feel like there is plenty of room. We did get the big dipper and little dipper as well. Yes, they do stay shut. The seal is great. There was a time that our sweet janitor had to help Little Man get it open it was that tight! (Little Man is not a weak kid.) Our janitor is such a nice man and Little Man likes him. :)

This lunch box will certainly be our lunch box for years to come and I am certain it will last that long too!  To me, totally worth the investment. Did I mention that Little Man thinks his Dad needs one?

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