Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bonus Easter Treat To Make for your kids....

Want something fun, cute and creative to make with your kids?Check out the Easter Pops over at bakerella!
You'll love it over there and become addicted to the creativity! WOW! :)
I made close to 30 of these. I however just did dots for the eyes. These eyes are so much cuter. Wish I could have found those circle whites that I could have used. Next time...
Easter Bunny Cake Pops
Photo from Bakerella's site...are these not the cutest bunnies?


  1. Amy - I didn't know what cake pops were until this morning when I went to Starbuck's drive thru - and they had a picture of some - I ordered two and my boys gobbled them up! How fun....and how neat you posted this today!

  2. She has a book on them as well! You can make them for anything!
    Be careful they can be addicting! :)