Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Storage and Don't forget about the Time Management Post!

1. Don't forget about the time management post and my willingness to pick a winner to help. You must comment under that post to be entered.

2. Anyone have any super deals this week that you found? Post them here as a comment. Perhaps, you can be the one to lead us to another good deal.

Today's Topic:
The Storage--Helping you get ready to organize that house!
  1. Go through the stuff you sorted and now think of where and how you use those items.
  2. If you use items together to complete a task, place them together in piles.
  3. After sorting by common functions, separate into piles of how often they are used.
  4. Map out your space.
  5. Measure the space you have.
  6. Prepare the budget for the mission.
  7. Shop for the storage containers. Remember they have to be functional as well as attractive.
  8. Think outside the box when you plan. Just because it says it’s for silverware storage doesn’t mean it can’t help your junk drawer.
With this basis behind us, we can tackle the Kitchen. (By the way, that is set for a blog post next week! Are you ready?)

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