Thursday, January 27, 2011

Organize your Kitchen...

Here are a  few simple steps to getting that organized Kitchen:
1. Get rid of any cookbook, gadget, or ingredient that you have not used in a year or more.
2. Put recipes you do use in a binder. (I am starting a binder project and will share more when it is all together.) Perhaps I can get one of my friends to share their binder too! (Hint Hint)
3. Retain only the items you actually use-donate the rest. That means really look at the dishes, glasses and serving pieces. Just simplify!
4. Think about where items are used, what you use most and store them in that manner.
5. Silverware organizers are great for a junk drawer. We have one in ours and it helps to store that mess in a more organized fashion.
6. When you do the decluttering think about how nice it will feel to have the clutter removed. That can help you move away from having so much. Less is more.
7. If you buy something that requires an ingredient that you don't use often. Think about making extra batches or finding another recipe that uses it, so that you can use that up and keep from storing those 1/2 opened bottles.
8. Get rid of damaged food containers. If you are using plastic, think about going to the glass kind. They are multipurpose and I find easier to store and find lids to. Plus, I worry about some of the plastics. But, that is just me.
9. Clear the countertops as much as possible.
10. Create a pantry if you don't have one and need one. (More on that in the next post--Organizing your Pantry)

Happy Kitchen Organizing!  Have your own tip, be sure to share. :)

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