Thursday, January 6, 2011


Create your stockpile:
Stockpiles will be different for everyone—that was proven to me when I saw the coupon show. OH MY! Regardless, the first step is planning. Make a list of the food items that you normally buy. Think of the meals that you cook most often--what do they include. This doesn’t mean that you have to plan your meals for the next year or anything. Just know what you use a lot of when you cook. What does your family love and what do you love to feed them?

Having a well stocked pantry and freezer will help you save money in the long run.
Planning a list of meals for a week works—I find that if you throw in an extra meal for variety (you know in case you don’t feel like Chicken again) it helps. Remember shop your freezer and pantry first when planning meals. So, now that you have your list of meals and what you need for the week. Make a list of the items you would like to start stockpiling. Then, it is time to look at the grocery ads. Just remember that you will not stockpile items that are not on sale. This will not help you lower your grocery bill at all. Only buy extra of items if they are on sale at the stockpile price (that’s different for every region). Know THE good sale price and when to buy. Also, see if you have coupons for it.

Now it can get confusing. You will benefit from knowing if a sale price is a THE sale price can be hard, especially if you are new at paying attention to prices. This is where I might be able to help you. I am more than willing to share what I have seen and hope you do the same for others and me. Together we can know THE prices.

If you notice a sale on something that you use regularly and you realize that you have never seen the price this low that could be THE sale price. Sales cycle every 6 or 12 weeks in food stores or so I have been told. I think I am going to keep in a folder 12 weeks of flyers. Do I sound nuts? Never mind, don't answer that! So, buy enough to last you until you think the next sale will be. Keeping in mind coupons can take a good sale and make it a great one.

It can be hard at first but, in the long run, you will have a very well stocked pantry and freezer all while saving money. Even if you have to pay full price for one item each week, that is much better than paying full price for all of your groceries. Good luck in your stockpile adventure and let me know how you are doing. Tips to share of your own, post a comment so we can all learn together. Get a great deal, post a comment so we can see it and know if it might benefit us. Together we will lower our budgets! Have a question, feel free to ask. I will TRY to answer or search so I can find you one.

Meal planning will be covered in more detail next Monday--I think the stockpile thing is enough to swallow for now. But, stay tuned.

Guest blogger returns tomorrow!!! Wait until you see what he captured!!!

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