Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Organization Tuesday! (1/12)

Today we start the Getting Organized Series on the blog.
1st Steps to getting your home organized
1.)    Get in the mindset to let go, find a place and keep it neat.
2.)    Plan what room you will start with—taking baby steps like this will help ease that overall sense of being overwhelmed. (I am guiding you through the kitchen first in case you are wondering)
3.)    Get the gear you will need:
Garbage bags- for the trash
Cardboard boxes- for donations and selling items. (Make labels for those boxes ahead of time.
Notebook and pen- you’ll be making notes as to what items you will need to organize what you have left as well as a list of items you will be donating so you have it for tax purposes.
Music- keeping it upbeat will help pass the time.
4.)    Plan a time to do this. Realize that it takes time at first, but your reward comes later when being organized actually saves you time.

Up next: The Sorting

But, I wanted to let you know that Thursday’s blog post will be about answering questions from the readers. So, ask away. Remember I don’t have all the answers, but I am happy to look for them for you. Don't want to ask with your name. It's ok to ask without using your name. Coupon questions, Mommy topic, organization, photo taking, blogging, etc. Ask otherwise Thursday will be really boring around here. :)  

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