Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Giant Deal on Cereal just got better...

Not only do you get the $6.00 off instantly! Yes, it comes right off at the register. :) When combined with the coupons that are out there (paper, coupons.com, etc) that can bring it down to around 1.00 sometimes less, sometimes more per box. But, add on top of that that General Mills seems to have a Catalina coupon that gives you free milk when you purchase 4 of them. So, that's 6.00 off, plus free milk, plus they are about a 1.00 a box when they are normally close to 3-4 a box. Hummmm...worth a trip? I'd say.
Thanks General Mills and Giant!!! :)


  1. I did this deal and got the boxes of cereal for .74 cents a box after using coupons! Plus the free milk.

  2. Way to go, Rae! :) Yes, it was great to have some of the boxes be that low. So, yes, you can get boxes for less than .75. Even some less than .70. Just depends on your favorite cereal. :)The free milk is a total bonus! That coupon doesn't expire until 2/1/10. So, depending on how much milk you go through, you could do this deal a few times over to stock pile your cereal and get the free milk for a few weeks. :)