Tuesday, January 25, 2011

10 Thoughts on Tuesday (Time Management Winner Announced)

1. I love when Little Man sets goals. Especially his goal of reading through the bible in a year. Which he's on track to complete. :) If you are looking for a way to have your child(ren) do this as well, might I suggest...
The One Year Bible for Kids, Challenge Edition
Photo from Amazon
2. My old blog was full of pictures, of course there was a reason why. But, I do think this blog needs a few more. What do you all think?

3. I am reading a new book and I LOVE it! It's a devotional for Moms. The messages have been wonderful.
Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God: Encouragement to Refresh Your Soul (Hearts at Home Book)
picture from Amazon.com
Click here to order your own copy! :)

4. When I got the above book, Little Man told me I was not ordinary but that I was extraordinary, also. Yes, he does melt my heart--often I tell you.

5. I loved watching Little Man sing with enthusiasm "Our God" at Church on Sunday. But, what was better was he was singing that song during the afternoon as he was going about his day. You too can enjoy the music here. Sorry, it's not him singing it. Although that would be entertaining. :)

6. Did I mention I love watching the spiritual side of my child grow. I do. It makes this Mom's heart VERY happy. :)

7. Little Man told me before he lost his first tooth that the tooth fairy certainly was not real. Yes, cry with me that I never got to play that. But, don't worry he still insists that the Mommy Tooth Fairy visits him. :) Well, he had hurt his finger a while back. (He slammed it in the car door). I know ouch! Well, the nail finally fell off. So,what does Little Man ask? Mom is there any such thing as a nail fairy? With his sweet smile lighting up his face. He wanted to be sure that he wasn't left out if that was something that others believed in. :)

8. Ever have the moments when speaking truth might cause you to be unpopular? Where you want to stand up for what is right, but it goes against others? What do you do? Do you stand up for what is right and speak the truth or do you sit down and go with the flow? It's easier to go with the flow and stay in good graces, but is that really better? Something to think about.

9. Our house is happy that the Steelers are going to the Superbowl. :)

10. WINNER for time management help. Shannon and Wha! Since only 2 responded, I will help the two of you. One at a time. Send me an email and we will get the process rolling.

I am already planning the next give away. (Think blog header!)

I know I shared more about us on a personal level here than what I normally do. Is that good? bad? I don't know. Will I do it again? I don't know.


  1. I enjoy reading about you and your family, i say add it in once in a while, whatever your comfortable with!

  2. Thanks, Krisy! :) I love seeing your little Miracles grow. :)