Friday, March 30, 2012

What about blogging and a AWESOME Resource on Nut Free Classroom Snacks...

Blogging...I don't know. I have felt like this little blog has an identity problem. But, I realized it was more of a me problem. You see the reason I started it was to share things with people. But, unless your blog is huge or you have made it that way by publishing it all over the place, it's not helping the masses. To do that you have to go to the masses so, the discussion started to stop blogging and start pinning.

What I do here is share items with you that I have found and are cool and my take on some of them. Sure I share things that I have made or my sweet Little Man has said. But, things can be shared in various ways over there. Then, I am going to the masses. I can have all of my categories neatly labeled and the time I take to do all the searching for the blog can be spent there. I will have a pinning problem to start, I know it. But, with time management and restrictions, it can be a good thing. I can post organization things, cooking, real food, etc.  So, this blogs days are numbered, but my sharing is not. I am just changing it to keep up with the times.

OK, so over at 100 Days of Real Food, she uploaded and posted an awesome snack list for the Nut Free Classroom to have. I figure, that there are plenty of you that have nut allergies or know of someone with a nut allergy that could use this list.
You can find it by going here. LINK

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  1. I miss your blogging! Not so sure what "pinning" is...but where do I find your info?