Monday, March 19, 2012

Cheap Date Ideas to enjoy--most can be done without a babysitter!

Ok, so my husband and I do not go on dates that often. Seriously, we prefer to spend the time we have together as a family. While saying that, we both know that it is essential for us to spend quality time together and that it's not always an easy task to do given work schedules and life in general.

However, here are ideas for date nights that can be held at home after the kids are in bed....

MAKE A SPECIAL DINNER Find recipes from some of your favorite recipes online, create a menu and have a lovely meal at home!

MOVIE NIGHT Enjoy some of your favorite movies together. Go to target an get those popcorn buckets and pop some popcorn. Head to the dollar store to get the candy. Grab some drinks at the store and you are set to have movie night at home.

WII NIGHT Be a kid and play the Wii games at home. :)

MASSAGE/SPA NIGHT Ok, so guys are not into manicures and such. But, who doesn't love a good massage. Grab some oil and give each other massages.

MINUTE TO WIN IT GAME NIGHT Go get some of the game supplies and ideas and play them at home.

STARGAZING EVENT Take a pillow, blanket, and some snacks/drinks if you want to enjoy just gazing at the stars and having great conversation.

MAKE ICE CREAM SUNDAES Grab some toppings and make your own sundaes. Then, enjoy them as you talk.

20 QUESTIONS  Write a list of 20 questions to ask each other or find one on the Internet. Go over your answers afterward. Here is a link for married couples

GAME NIGHT Pull out all of your board games for a friendly night of competition.

That should get you all started. Enjoy! Leave a comment on your ideas.

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