Thursday, March 22, 2012

31 Ways to Pray for your Children...

Bob Hostetler and his 31 Ways to Pray for your
Bob's article is wonderful and it touches upon what I am sure that many of us that pray for our children daily feel, it becomes prayers for what is on our hearts for them that day. We pray for blessings, protection, happiness, help with things they are facing or might face, prayers for HIS will to be carried out in their lives and that they may be a reflection of HIM in the way they live. My prayers are regular and heartfelt and I let Little Man listen to the ones that I pray in the morning as it is something we do together. However, I feel like I can do more.

Then, just as she has many times my dear friend J emails me with something wonderful and amazing. It was in PDF form so, I searched for a link of this online for all of you. I found it and linked it above. Enjoy it, use it and if you add to it, let me know.

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