Thursday, March 1, 2012

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Ok, I am getting a lot of requests via email and in talking with people over healthy eating, eating for this allergy, eating for that problem, yummy lunches, feeding toddlers, etc. It all falls under Healthy Eating. While I am not a dietician or certified in any way. (If it counts for anything did take some college courses on this.) Anyway,  I will share what I know from lots of reading. I will share links for recipes. I will follow up and through on this. I will lead you to resources, teach what I know, and hopefully inspire you to try new things. Since this is something that the followers really want and honestly, who couldn't use a new recipe or two that is healthy. :) Plus, I am in the process of organizing and changing over my recipes and how I will store things, so this will help me as well. :)

I am tasking myself to cover this once a week on the blog. So, be on the lookout and if you have a request, leave it.  I am happy to help.

For today, let me share this with all of you....
How do I pack Little Man's lunches?

Ok, so I need to get images off my camera and a few personal pictures taken care of before I can post pictures of Lunchboxes. But, that is in the works. Until then, I will just be listing Little Man's lunchbox menu for you. So, without the visual. I'll try to do lunchbox wrap ups every now and then in with Healthy Eating.
Let me take you through my lunchbox process.
1. I think of it like this, what is he eating for breakfast and dinner.
2. Now, what do I need to feed him for lunch to be sure that his lunch balances out the rest of things for the day.
3. He always has a fruit or Veggie (Usually he has both, but not everyday so I would be a liar if I said that, but about 90% of the time he does.)
4. He has a grain of some sort.
5. He has a protein of some sort (sometimes his protein and dairy are one in the same)
6. He almost always takes water. (98% of the time he does--occasionally he will have a juice box as a special treat.)
7. Sometimes he gets a little treat in his lunch. But, honestly sometimes he considers a veggie that he loves a treat. The other day, his treat was a cinnamon cake that was made with chickpeas. Yes, he LOVED it.

Now, the other thought I leave you with today, I promised another one of these before, so here it is.

This is from here...check it out!

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