Friday, March 2, 2012

Don't forget it's Dr. Seuss Day today! Read about our fun....

Look back at this post for inspiration.

Little Man's class will be getting some Lorax inspired snacks today.  What will that be??
Bags of Chocolate Teddy Graham snacks with marshmallows mixed in.
Clementines with the Lorax face on them. :)
Hope the kids enjoy this yummy, sweet and somewhat healthy treat.

Now for laughs, they were also supposed to dress up as a Dr Seuss Character. Praying Little Man would say Cat in the Hat. But, knew in my heart it would be the Lorax. It was.

This is a great task for a Mom that does not sew. Does not own a sewing machine and has less than 48 hours before the costume has to be worn. Did I mention a kid that is not into simple costumes. He's an all in type kid. (I do love that though!)

Anyway, we went searching for costume possibilities and I landed myself straight at a fabric store heading out with fabric, a boa, facemask, paint (not needed), felt (not used) and some pipe cleaners.

The end result? Well, I don't have a picture yet as I am writing this before he's tried on the final product. But, I just might post a picture...we will see. Don't expect anything awe inspiring. I don't sew remember?! So, a glue gun can help a mom like me out. :) It can also burn...we won't talk about that though, will we?

But, then what do you do when your schedule is packed you run out of glue for the glue gun and you don't want to spend another cent on the costume. (Even though, it didn't cost much, I am a bit of a bargain shopper.) Well, you remember 8th grade hand sewing class and the few buttons you have sewed along the way and think, ya I'll give this a whirl with what ever I have. A whirl it was, but if it makes Little Man happy to wear it, so be it. They are after all only little once.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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