Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Not A Fan...

We will see how this pans out here on the blog. I'm one of the ones leading this as a study at church and I am also doing a book club outside of church for it. Now, I am brining it to the blog. Here is what you should know about the book and the blog study...

What is Not a Fan?
Not a Fan is a book/study that will challenge you to consider what it really means to call yourself a Christian. With direct frankness, Kyle (the author and a pastor) invites you to take an honest look at your relationship with Jesus. HIS call to follow may seem radical to some, but Jesus desires it for every believer. As Craig Groeschel, the senior pastor of LifeChurch put it, "Jesus never asked for us to sit on the sidelines and cheer for his cause." It's true, HE doesn't chase after someone to just be an enthusiastic admirer. HE wants more from you than that. Honestly, you might never enjoy being challenged more than through this study. For more information check out:
When will we meet?
Right here on the blog every week for about 6-12 weeks. Depending if I lump chapters together or not.
When will it start?
The posts will most likely be on Tuesdays and will start next week.
What do I need?
The book. You can also get the followers journal. But, you'll need the book. I am sure you can get this at a local bookstore, or you can order online at
Hope to see you here next week!

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