Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fun Frugal Things to Do this Summer with your Kids...

The Reading Type:Many libraries offer special reading programs over the summer and some even have prizes. Check with your local library to see what is happening this summer! Start your own book club even.

The Sports Type:
Hitting a park with your kids is something that they can enjoy at almost any age. For olders, bring along balls and play catch or a game of one on one. Challenge them to a race even. Just think, it's not only fun for your kids, but it can help you stay in shape too.

The Artist Type:
You can go to discount stores and pick up art supplies and give them an art basket at the beginning of the summer. Filled with materials that they can create things all summer long. Better yet, have them gather supplied from nature to create their own special recycled art.

Explore the area you live in like a tourist. Perhaps you have never been to a certain place, go and see what it is all about. Many things are just around the corner from you that you might not have been to or seen. Try a new pizza place and take your child on a date there.

Let the kids in on the planning:
That's something that I find really important is to let them in on the plans. Allow them to make a list of the Top 20 things they want to do this summer. Use this list as your guide to the summertime fun.

These are just a few things to get you started. What plans do you have? What are you doing? What are your ideas, please share!

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