Thursday, May 5, 2011

Inspire us- Best Places to Eat out and the Stock up Price Form to end all forms!

OK, so we know we all try to save money and not eat out a lot. But, when you do go out to eat, where do you go? Give the best local places to eat in your area. This way we can all benefit. Say you are originally from a certain area, perhaps we might be traveling there for vacation and want to know a good local spot. Chime in and tell us. I am anxious to hear what everyone thinks! :) Leave a comment and tell us what you love about the place. We are all waiting! :)

Now, here is a link to a stock up price for for all of you. It was over on Money Saving Mom. Seriously, this is the form to end all forms. It's awesome! Stock Up List Form This form was created by Joy.

Go and enjoy! What a Thursday!


  1. J.B. Dawsons has kids eat free on Sunday. I've never actually taken advantage of it since we don't go out to eat much, but that's a good deal.

    We also love to go to Isaac's because they give the kids goldfish as a snack when you first get there and you can usually get a free kids meal coupon from the KidsBook or somewhere like that. Plus if you sign up for their "club", they always have coupons coming to your e-mail.

    Other than that, McDonald's is the go-to place! ;-)

  2. P.S. Love the stock up price list! My next question is how do you keep inventory of what you have and what you need? I thought I was doing well till Victor ran out of A1 and I went to get more, then realized I was out. My coupon just expired and I know they were on sale recently, so I was bummed to miss out on that deal! Any suggestions for keeping inventory lists???

  3. Inventory sheet discussion coming up - thanks for the topic Shannon! :)

  4. Got that scheduled for next week Shannon! :)