Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Simplify and your inventory....

Something I am working toward over here. I want to go through each room and really simplify. Some rooms will be a lot harder than others! I have a good start so far. Can I tell you how great it feels when the room is completely done? It feels WONDERFUL! Sitting in those rooms are so much better than any other rooms. It feels fresh, clean, peaceful.
The harder parts of the house -- ugh -- not looking forward to them! How many of you have done this? How many of you are trying to do this now? What works for you? Please do share! :)
Want inspiration? Head on over here!

Last week, there was a question about inventory sheets and how to keep track of inventory.
Here are a few things for you to consider:
food inventory pantry List (Blank)
Another one
home spun homemaker has a freezer inventory spreadsheet free download

Keeper of the home has a step by step plan written out for you to accomplish the task of the pantry. You can find that over here at "cook more real food take inventory of your pantry"

This link sends you to an all around source of information on this and related topics.
Enjoy! Free Downloads on Deals to Meals

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