Monday, May 30, 2011

Money Saving Monday-June 6th

Deals this week.
Short and sweet because it's a holiday weekend! :) Hope you all are enjoying time with your families and friends.

Giant Deals:
For the Mommas has them listed here.
Highlights on the Fresh department
Mangoes are $1 each
Strawberries are $1.50 each
Romaine Hearts are BOGO (meaning 6 hearts for $3.99)
Greens Ice Cream and Kemps Yogurt are $1.99 each and if you still have your coupons. You have $2.00 off if you get 4 of them.
Frozen Broccoli is $1.00 as well.
.59lb is the best local deal for bananas this week, unless you go to Costco or a Farmers Market (I think they would be cheaper at both those places)

Weis Deals:
Sweet Baby Rays is BOGO this week.
Minute Maid Drinks are .99
Other great deals can be found by clicking here!

Enjoy your extra long weekend! :) How is everyone doing on their savings and budget? Any successes you want to share?

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