Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Mission of Motherhood-Chapter 8

Sorry everyone. The blogging has been crazy. Posts deleted and then back, not able to log in, etc. etc. All is well now in blog world and we return to our regular schedule. Since I know some of you only read via email, you might want to check the blog for posts you missed because of the craziness! :)

Gardener Of Souls
"Children do not accidently become mature adults of strong character, great faith, gracious relational skills, effective leadership qualities, and sharp intellects. God's design includes the presence of a hands -on gardener, a mother, to tend an cultivate their hearts, souls, minds, and relationships."

This is so true how can children grow in these ways without some help? She continues to talk about cultivating real skills, appropriate life experiences, manners and graciousness, appetities for excellence, and your own special garden.

As I look at each of these I think of some of my friends and how well they garden in certain aspects. How I can see their strenghts in gardening.

It just drives home the point that the way we tend to our children will be different based on our skills, interests, and convictions. Not to mention the needs and personalities of our kids. But, the point is making the time to garden.

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